Book at Beer Terrace Sekirei - 明治記念館

▶ We do not allow minors (including infants) to enter the store. ▶ All seats are non-smoking. Please use the designated smoking area. ▶ Please note that we do not accept seat selection. ▶ If you cannot contact us after 30 minutes of reservation time, we may be forced to cancel, so please be sure to contact us if you are late. ▶ For reservations for 10 people or more, please contact the store directly. * Business hours may change due to the spread of new coronavirus infections. Inquiries by phone: 03-3746-9419 (12: 00-22: 00 business days only)


メッセージ付デザートプレート ¥1,300(税・サービス料込)

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