▶ For reservations of more than 10 people please contact the restaurant reservation.
Restaurant reservation direct T: 078-325-8110 (10: 00-17: 00)

▶ In order to cook in the same kitchen as other menu, allergen substances may be mixed in the cooking process.
▶ In case of cancellation, please let us know by 17:00 the day before the scheduled use date.
▶ If you do not contact us for more than 15 minutes from the appointed time, you can not secure your seat, so please understand.
▶Seats are available for 90 minutes from the reservation time.
▶ Please understand that business hours and prices may change during the event period.
▶ We are using seasonal ingredients, so we may change the contents.
▶ Hope for your seat will be requested to the last. Please understand that there is no commitment.
▶ Please note that it is not possible to reserve your seat. We will accept it as a request.
65 years and over
12 years and under
6 years and under


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There is no admission fee or annual fee, and you can use the service immediately after registration.
Please show the member screen to the staff when you use the restaurant.

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