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This is the reservation page for the Akihabara store. Click here for frequently asked questions Click here for private room reservationsClick here for business hours ●In addition to the food and drink fee, we charge 500 yen per person. ●Seats are limited to 2 hours. ● If you enter the number of people first, the date and time that can be reserved will be displayed. (○: Reservation possible, ×: Reservation not possible, -: Outside business hours) ●Reservations are accepted from 12:00 one month in advance up to 30 minutes before the day of use. ●When typing your name, please make sure that the kanji and furigana are the same. For example, if the kanji "Taro Yamada" or the furigana "FC Hiroshi" is typed in, it will take time to search, and there is a possibility that the order of guidance will be the last. ●If you wish to cancel your reservation, please follow the cancellation procedure from the reservation confirmation email. ●Customers who do not come to the store without completing the cancellation procedures may be refused subsequent reservations. ●This store is a place to enjoy the world view of collaboration works, so please understand that if you feel that your actions or conversations are inappropriate, you may be asked to move your seat or leave the store at the discretion of the employee.
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