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Thank you for using it! On this reservation page, we accept reservations for dinner seats from 1 month in advance, dessert reserve reservations from 24:00 10 days before to 10:00 on the day! For same-day reservations, please call the store directly * Please * ・ Due to the priority measures to prevent spread, we will be open until 21:00 until 2/13, and the number of guides will be up to 4 people.・ Please enter the full hiragana name for the reservation name. ・ If you make a separate seat reservation and dessert reserve reservation, please make a reservation with the same name. Business starts from 2022/1/5 (1/5 Napolen pie is closed) Napoleon pie service starts from 2022/1/6 Business hours 11: 30-22: 30 (closed on Wednesdays) Lunch11: 30-LO16: 00 Cafe 11: 30- 22:30 Dinner 17: 00-22: 30 (LO Food21: 45 / Drink22: 00) Last reservation reception time is until 20:45</red> Short hours (until 2/13) 11: 30-21: 00 Lunch11: 30-LO16: 00 Cafe11: 30-21: 00 Dinner 17: 00-21: 00 (LO Food20: 00 / Alcohol20:00) Last reservation reception time Until 20:00</red> [About Napoleon pie]・ Reservations are accepted from today to 10 days ahead ・ Contents change depending on the season ・ Offer is from 14:00 ・ The size is large (using a 21 cm plate) [About dessert reserve reservation]・ Reservations are made today We accept orders from 10 days in advance ・ We offer handmade products, and the quantity is limited.・ Desserts with no items are sold out・ Eat-in only (no take-out) ・ Visit time is a guideline ・ Information will be in the order of arrival, including customers other than dessert reservations (It may take some time) [About seat reservation]・ Reservations are accepted up to one month from today ・ Only for customers who use dinner after 17:00 ・ Only for customers who choose to reserve dinner seats ・ Lunch cafe We do not accept seat reservations for time and dinner time at the cafe. ・ Basically, we do not accept seat selection. ・ The final reservation reception time is</red> 20:00</red>・ Please make a reservation for dessert separately (we cannot prepare it even if you fill in the comment column) [About the message plate]・ We have a congratulatory plate ・ Until 18:00 the day before Reservation only ① Message plate of 3 kinds of standard desserts 1500 yen ② Message plate of Tochiotome Napoleon pie 1800 yen ・ Message plates for other desserts are not available ・ Limited to the number that can be prepared per day there is・ If there is no plate item on the reservation page, the reception will be closed. ・ After the reservation is accepted, it will not be available after it is sold out. [Changes, cancellation] of-day number change, people change, so also accepts cancel, direct About seats available time] please call the store congestion at the time of maximum available time lunch is 90 minutes, the night Please take 150 minutes [Payment]・ Payment will be made at the store on the day of the event ・ Please cooperate with cash or paypay for payment [Others]・ For reservations of 7 people or more, please contact the store directly. Please call ・ Please make a reservation in addition to the number of children ・ If you have allergies or foods that you are not good at, please fill in the question [About infectious disease prevention measures]・ Hand alcohol disinfection at the time of entering the store ・ Other than meals Wearing a mask, regular ventilation, seating with intervals, setting up partitions, wearing a staff mask, and temperature measurement staff before going to work may ask, but please cooperate before making a reservation. We recommend that you register on My Page at the table check, and if you have any questions, please call the store directly ☎︎ 03-5738-8241 (Mime reception time 10: 00-22: 30)
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