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About the courses
▶︎Start time: Lunch 12:00~/Dinner 18:30~
(You can enter the restaurant 10 minutes beforehand
▶︎Course contents The dishes are the same for lunch and dinner
・Course A (approximately 11 dishes)
・Course B (course meal + Non-alcoholic pairing)
・C course (course meal + 3 types of alcohol)
・D course (course meal + 6 types of alcohol pairing)
Drinks can be changed even after the reservation is confirmed.
(Until 2 days in advance)

▶︎ Business days: Thursday - Sunday

▶ Number of people who can make a reservation: 1 to 10 people

▶ Mitsuwa's special restaurant curry
(¥6000/4 meals included)
is available as a souvenir. I'll put the vacuum frozen one in a cold bag and give it to you. Please tell us the quantity you need.

▶Regarding children's use Children can enter the store. Junior high school students and above will be on the same course as adults. For preschoolers, we can prepare a children's set. Please use the summary column for inquiries about the content. We would like you to enjoy the food while it is still delicious, so please refrain from standing for a long time during the course.

▶If we cannot contact you within 30 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation, so please be sure to contact us if you will be late.

☎︎Please use the email below to change or contact us after booking


○If you have any allergies, please fill in.
○If you need it for your anniversary or birthday, please choose from A or B.
A, dessert message free
B, herb bouquet and dessert upgrade (with candle) 2200 yen
◎ About cancellation policy
Regarding cancellations and changes due to customer's convenience, 50% will be charged from 10 days to 4 days, and 100% will be charged from 3 days to the day. We will not be able to accept reservations from customers who fail to visit us without contacting us. Thank you for your understanding.
Would you like to prepare a "restaurant curry" as a souvenir?

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