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*Reservations can be made from two months to the day before the desired date. *Seats are [ 2 hours ] . *We do not accept seat reservations. Please note. *If you would like to make a reservation more than 2 months in advance, use it for more than 5 people, or have any special requests, please contact us by phone. [WEB reservation | About availability] There are seats reserved online and seats reserved by phone at the restaurant. increase. If you are interested, please contact the restaurant directly by phone. . Tel.084-954-3863 (Reception hours 10:00-22:00) ▶Please let us know the purpose of the meal (birthday, entertainment, etc.). ▶Please fill in if you have allergies or weak ingredients. ▶We may contact you from the restaurant staff to confirm the contents. ▶If you can't contact us after 30 minutes of the reservation time, we may have to cancel it, so please call us in advance if you are late.




食物アレルギー対応についてホームページでご案内しております。▶ 詳細はコチラ
例) Happy Birthday 〇〇 /  Happy Wedding 〇〇&〇〇 / 1st Anniversary〇〇&〇〇
メンバーズカード(都SEEDカードメンバー/都ウエディング TSUMUGIメンバー)をお持ちの方は、下記よりお選びください。

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