Please check all the notes below before proceeding.

●Reservations are accepted for 2 to 4 people. If there are more people than that, please contact us by phone.

●We have a vegan course for dinner, but we do not support "gluten-free" or "five pungent roots". Please note.

●All tables start at the same time as the course start time, so please be sure to follow the entry time when making a reservation.
(There is a time limit of 2 hours for the dinner course. Please be aware that if you enter the restaurant late, the late food will be served early, resulting in a rushed meal. )

●Even if reservations are not possible on dates, we may be able to reserve seats for you if you contact the store directly.

●If you cannot choose the number of guests, please contact the store directly.

<Regarding changes to reservation details>
If there is a change in the reservation details, you will need to make a new reservation and then cancel the original reservation. note that.

●Cancellation fee For reservations that specify a course, a cancellation fee of 70% of the fee will be charged if canceled up to 3 days in advance, and 100% if canceled on the day.

●If the phone number or e-mail address provided at the time of reservation is incomplete, the reservation may be canceled. Please be sure to enter the correct phone number and email address.

●Customers who do not come to the store without contacting us may not be able to make future reservations. Please note.

<In the case of using a credit card>
If you use a credit card, we will hold a line of credit (provisional reservation) for the amount of your reservation.
After your visit to the store, the store will release the provisionally reserved credit line.
Please pay for the meal at the restaurant on the day of your reservation.

<In the case of debit card payment>
The refund schedule for debit card transactions is as follows
Domestic customers: After the refund operation at the restaurant, the credit card company will be notified of the refund within 1 to 2 weeks, and the refund will be made according to the credit card company's refund schedule.
Overseas customers: After the refund is made at the store, the credit card company will receive a refund notice (this may take approximately 3-4 months). The refund will then be made according to the credit card company's refund schedule. For overseas cards, it may take up to 6 months for the refund.


If you have any ingredients that you are not good at or allergies, please fill in. If none, please enter "none".
*Please note that if you do not declare it, we will not be able to change the dishes on the day.
Please let us know how you found out about our store.

Guest Details

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