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Did you make a mistake when ordering at Hotel New Otani Makuhari Patisserie SATSUKI (lobby floor)? (This is an over-the-counter shop, not a restaurant)
▶ Regarding delivery of reserved products In the case of non-settlement (settlement at the store on the day), you may have to wait a long time depending on the situation. So please be forewarned.
*In the case of online payment products or advance payment, it is possible to deliver faster.
▶ For online orders Takeout only (reservations for eat-in use are not accepted) We accept.
▶Order Up to 3 days before (Some event products have earlier deadlines) Thank you.
▶Regardless of whether or not you have a reservation, we will guide you in the order of your visit. We ask for your understanding in advance that you may have to wait.
▶Please contact the store for requests that require a reply, food allergies, etc. Please note that orders that have been prepaid by credit card cannot be canceled or refunded for any reason. Click here for display details based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

*Menu, promotion details, and prices are subject to change.
*All photos are images.
☎ Inquiries: 043-299-1639 (Direct)




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