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▶If you are late for your reservation, we may not be able to serve the food before your arrival. We will guide you to your seat from 10 minutes before the start of the meal. ▶If you can't contact us after 30 minutes of the reservation time, we may have to cancel it, so please be sure to contact us if you are late. ▶Please contact the store directly if you wish to make a reservation for more than 5 people or for a private reservation. ▶Please let us know when you make a reservation if you have any allergies or dislikes. We cannot accept changes to the dishes on the day. ▶︎We may not be able to accept your reservation if you cannot eat seasonings or ingredients that are essential to Japanese cuisine, or if you have excessive allergies. ▶If we are unable to reach you by phone number or email address, we may cancel your order. Please make a reservation with a contactable phone number and email address. ▶Please refrain from wearing perfume. ▶You may be asked to remove precious metals to prevent scratches on counters, tables, and tableware. Inquiries by phone: 03-6277-3150


Please let us know the details of any allergies or intolerances. We may not be able to respond on the same day. Example: 1 person is allergic to shrimp, extracts are not allowed, onions are not good, can be eaten if heated, etc. *If none, please write "none".

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