■■□ Notice of regular holidays □■■ Closed every Wednesday If Wednesday is a holiday, we will be closed on the following Thursday ■■□ About taxi service □■■ Free shuttle bus service is closed during dinner time only! When you return, we will provide you with a taxi fare worth up to 2,000 yen per group 👇 Click here for details About the taxi service ■■□ How to make a smooth reservation □■■ ① Select your desired date ② Select your desired date Please select a time ③ Please select a seat type from the category *Premium seats are for 2 people only. *VIP rooms can accommodate 4 to 14 people. ④ Please select a menu ⑤ If the menu is not displayed, you may be able to make a reservation by selecting from the "Dining Seats" category [Information] ✅ Reservations will be accepted until the end of the month following the following month. (Example ~ If the date is July 1st, it will be until September 30th) ✅Regarding the seat selection at the time of reservation, there will be a charge for premium seats and VIP rooms. Please select a service category to view details. ✅If you wish to use the service for 7 or more people, it may be difficult to make a reservation as seats are limited. We may have one available if you call us. ✅ Reservations are required for dinner time. Please make a reservation by 15:00 on the day of use. ✅ Preschool children will be provided with a private room. *A room fee will be charged for junior high school students and above. ≪Inquiries by phone≫ Reservation center 011-518-6311 Reception hours 11:00-20:00


If you have any food allergies, please let us know. (Example) 1 person has an allergy to shellfish (raw shrimp only) (Example) 1 person has an allergy to raw Rosaceae (sauce can be used) (Example) 1 person has an allergy to nuts (almond powder is acceptable) *This falls under the allergy Please also fill in the information for the customer (you or your companion). *If you have an allergy to garlic or celery, we will not be able to accept your reservation. *We will not be able to accept reservations if you have an allergic reaction due to ingesting small amounts of foods containing milk, wheat, or soybeans. Thank you for your understanding.
If you wish to receive a congratulatory message such as a birthday, please enter it here. If you do not specify, we will prepare a message such as ``Happy Birthday'' or ``Bon Anniversaire'' in French.

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