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◆ For customers with food allergies ◆
If you have food allergies, please be sure to tell us after visiting. Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests from customers with severe food allergies. All ingredients provided in the restaurant are cooked in the same kitchen, so allergens may be mixed in. In consultation with a specialist, we ask that customers make their own final decisions.

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Do you have any food allergies? If you don't have one, then if you have one , Enter allergy ingredients Thank you.
This is a question for those who answered that they have a food allergy in the above question. Please check the applicable items. (Multiple answers possible) : Please check ✅ in "Other" for the degree of food removal and enter it in the "Other entry field". *As all the ingredients served at the restaurant are prepared in the same kitchen, there is a possibility that trace amounts of ingredients not used as raw materials may be mixed in, and it is not possible to completely eliminate allergy-causing substances. not.

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