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オトク② 6名様以上で“1名無料”!!
オトク③ 選べる誕生日特典!最大“1名無料”



・赤坂店限定CLUB FLOORの詳細はこちらご覧ください。
※CLUB FLOORは室料制となります。

※ チャージ料金・満足保証についてはこちら


12 years and under
5 years and under


Would you like to order [Special Anniversary Hanito] for birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions? If you are interested, please check the box below. [Request] Message to be added to the column and desired time to provide Please fill in Unless otherwise specified, it will be served at the time of dessert. *[Example] Happy Birthday 〇〇 / Happy Anniversary 〇〇 .etc If there is no entry, only original decorations will be used.
For customers who want to connect their smartphone or PC to the monitor, please select the cable you want to rent. * For android, the connection method differs depending on the model. Since there are many cases where you cannot connect on the day, we recommend that you connect with your companion's iPhone or iPad, or check the operation in advance.

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