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Customers who select a room category with the 💰 icon Have you confirmed the additional charge? ▼ 💰 Icon = Concept Room・ 🚭 Flat Projector 💰: 3,000 yen ・ Projector 💰: 3,000 yen ・ 🚭 Kids Room 💰: 3,000 yen ・ VIP Room (M: 2-5 people) 💰: 5,000 yen ・ VIP Room (L: 6 ~16 people) 💰: 8,000 yen, 75cm monitor 💰: 2,000 yen, favorite color projector 💰: 3,000 yen Customers who do not choose the concept room Please select "No".
For customers who wish to connect a smartphone or computer to a monitor Please select the cable you will use. * Since the connection is often unstable for Android, we cannot guarantee that it will be reflected reliably. We can also check the operation in advance, so please feel free to contact us. As of 11/9, due to the update to ios16.1, there is a problem that the iPhone cannot be mirrored. Please bring a device with version 16.1 or earlier if possible.

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