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<About room designation>
You can choose the room type at the time of reservation.
・ If you wish to use the room type, please select from Category.
・If you select [Not specified], we will prepare the best room according to the number of people.
In that case, there is no additional charge.

below [We charge a charge.
・100 inch projector
・80 inch projector
・75 inch monitor
・ Premium Modis: Fee is here

Satisfaction guarantee system is located in the concept room.
If you are not satisfied, we will refund the charge fee.
※ Charge fee · satisfaction guarantee here

<About tobacco>
In accordance with the Ordinance on the Prevention of Passive Smoking, we will operate as follows.
・Paper tobacco: Only available in smoking rooms
・Electronic/heated tobacco: Only available in smoking rooms or smoking rooms
※Non-smoking room(

<Other Notices>
・The introduction page of the room is here
・ FAQ Q & A is here

<Introduction of affiliated stores>
8F in the same building! All VIP rooms with karaoke in the best private room!
"Premium Karaoke Modis Ikebukuro West Exit Store"

<Allergy support>
Since many ingredients are cooked in a common kitchen facility in the menu of Pasera,
Other ingredients may be mixed or adhered unintentionally.
If you have severe allergic symptoms,
We may refuse to give top priority to your safety.
After understanding the above reasons, it is possible to make some menus without using the corresponding ingredients according to your request, but in the end, please make your own judgment.

※It may be difficult to respond to reservations made the day before or on the day.
Please contact us directly by phone.
12 years and under
5 years and under


Customers who select a room category with the 💰 icon Have you confirmed the additional charge? ▼💰 Icon = Additional charge will occur "100 inch projector + 4,000 yen" "80 inch projector + 3,000 yen" "75 inch monitor + 2,000 yen" "Modis" Customers who do not choose the concept room, Modis Please select "No".
Based on the enforcement of Tokyo passive smoking prevention ordinance, our karaoke room [Paper cigarettes are prohibited in all rooms]. *In rooms without non-smoking notation [Only electronic cigarettes can be used].
For customers who wish to connect their smartphone or computer to the monitor, please select the desired cable. The number is limited. Video may not be output depending on the model or distribution source application. We recommend checking the operation in advance. In addition, if you wish to be connected by staff, it may take about 15 minutes.

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