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<About room selection> You can choose your room type when making a reservation.・If you have a preference for the room type , please select the room type.・If you select a category marked with a [💰], a charge will be applied. ・If you select [No preference], we will prepare the most suitable room according to the number of guests. There is no additional charge for this. <About charge fees> A charge will be applied to the concept rooms marked with the [💰] below. ・75-inch monitor💰: 2,000 yen ・Projector💰: 3,000 yen ・Celebration room💰: 2,000 yen ・VIP room💰: 5,000 yen ・Check the prices of the mods "Libra", "Regulus", "Virgo" and "Gemini" here . Satisfaction Guarantee System If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. * For details on charges and satisfaction guarantee, click here. <About cigarettes> In accordance with the Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance, we will operate as follows. ・Cigarettes: Only available in smoking rooms ・Electronic cigarettes and heated cigarettes: Only available in smoking rooms or smoking rooms *Both cannot be used in non-smoking rooms (🚭). <Other information>・Room introduction page is here・< b>Click here for frequently asked questions Q&A Pasela's new sensation shisha bar! " Shisha Bar C2 "
12 years and under
5 years and under


The following room categories have an additional charge "75-inch monitor room", "projector room", "celebration room", and "VIP room" Please make sure there are no mistakes.
Is there anyone under 29? ★We are currently running a campaign where those under 29 can enjoy "double usage time or free upgrade to all-you-can-drink"! ★ This is a great deal for those under 29! Click here for details! *Please bring ID with you on the day to verify your age. *Please note that if you select "Decide on the day", we may not be able to accommodate your request depending on the reservation situation.

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