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☆To Customers Overseas☆
Please make sure to read the topics on the website
"About Credit Card Payment"  and  "About Course Cuisine"

■We will resume weekday lunch time from Monday to Friday. we close at 14:45 to prepare dinner time.

<Credit Card Usage Policy>
■Credit card information of customers who make a reservation online will be kept on our side.
※We will keep the course fee you have reserved, but it will not be settled.
※The actual usage fee will be paid at the checkout on the day.

<About Reservations>
■You can make reservations before 90days. We only take reservations before 5pm 2 days before your arrival.
You can make a reservation for up to 4 people only from our website.

<About children>
■We don't have age limits but we only approve reservations when having the same course as everyone in the family and avoid disturbing other customers

<About the seat>
■We can’t specify what kind of seat it will be

<Dress code>
■Smart casual

※You can apply a reservations for 4people,
but if it's 5 people above please write it in the internet reservation requests form.
In that case it will be a temporary reservation so please wait for us to contact you to confirm your reservation.

we will contact you to confirm your reservation, so please write your mail address.


Do you have any allergres? We may not be able to accept reservations from those who cannot eat raw or semi-raw seafood, vegetarians, vegans, or those with other food restrictions.
We can’t change the ingredients on the day of the reservation . So please tell us beforehand.
【Requests to customers who have booked a dinner course】
We run the restaurant together with my wife only. We are currently closed at 21:30 to pick up our child from our baby sitter. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers due to personal circumstances, especially for customers with reservations at 19:00, but we would appreciate it if you could make a reservation after understanding.
<For customers who are in a hurry>
We cannot respond to urgent requests after arriving, so if you have a time limit, please let us know the desired time to leave in advance.

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