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We will be closed for the time being to prevent the new coronavirus.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Regarding changes in the business contents of the facilities in the facility
▶ Please let us know in advance if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions
▶ Please contact us if you have 13 or more people
▶ Please note that online limited plans cannot be combined with other award discounts.
▶ The photo is for illustrative purposes only. Menu contents are subject to change depending on purchasing status, etc.
Please be sure to contact us if you want to change or cancel your reservation on the day.
Use is for people over 20 years old.
▶ ︎The inside of the store is non-smoking, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
☎ Restaurant Reservation Section 078-303-5207 (10: 00a.m. ~ 5: 30p.m.)


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