Book at MIZUKI (Japanese Restaurant) - The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

-------Opening Hours------
Lunch : 11:30 open - 15:00 close (last entry 13:30)
Dinner : 17:30 open - 21:00 close (last entry 19:30)
*We are closed every Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Mizuki is divided into four areas.
Kaiseki Table Seating
Sushi Counter Seating 
Tempura Counter Seating
Teppan Counter Seating, Private Room (Max. 8 persons)

▶Tempura Mizuki : Reservation only for ages 12 and over from July 2024.
▶The exact availability will not be reflected until you select the date, time, number of people, and menu.
▶Please let us know in advance if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions.
▶Please note that it may not always be possible for us to meet your seating requests.
▶Please note that online-only plans cannot be combined with other special discounts.
▶Please note that the closing date may change if Monday is a national holiday, during the Bon Festival or depends on the situation. Please check our online availability.
▶During peak season, restaurant reservations may be restricted to in house guests only.

▶Restaurant Mizuki will ask all guests to enter their credit card information when making reservations. Credit card information will only be used to hold and guarantee your reservation and payment beforehand. Please pay the bill on the day at the restaurant.

▶For tour operators and reservation agents
Even for proxy reservations, credit card information is required to guarantee the booking. Inform your guests that they need to pay on the day of their visit.

<Cancellation Policy>
Please note that cancellation fees will apply if you make any changes to your reservation, such as canceling, altering the number of guests, changing the date, or changing the area, etc.
1. Cancellation two days before the reservation date: 50% of the course fee
2. Cancellation the day before: 70% of the course fee
3. Cancellation on the reservation date: 100% of the course fee
4. If you are more than 20 minutes late without contacting us, your reservation will be canceled.


Restaurant reservation:9:00- 15:30
12 years and under
2 years and under


Please inform us regarding any food allergies and dietary restrictions.
Please also let us know how many of them are affected.
If you have allergies, please let us know in as much detail as possible, including whether you are allergic to the soup stock or not.
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