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*Credit Card Deposit Required. The full amount of deposit will process refunding upon your visit. Please pay the amount of your meals and drinks at the restaurant.

※ Reservations are accepted until 3pm prior to arrival date until 17:00 one day in advance.
   (Please contact us by phone if you are booking more than 5 people.)
※ In our shop, we are preparing only 【Random course】 according to the season.
We are listening to things we do not like at the time of reservation and allergies.
※ There are 2 table seats, fully prepared single room (2 rooms · room charge 10800 yen).
Please contact us separately by telephone.
※ In our shop, we accept the following for you to dine comfortably for our customers.
The inside of the shop is allowed to quit smoking in all seats. In addition, we have a smoking booth.
   Also, because children of elementary school children or less can withhold
   Please inquire by telephone.

【Restaurant Information】
Roppongi kappou ukai
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-12-4 Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Street Roppongi 2F
TEL 03-3479-1515


Do you have any food allergy or food restriction? Please let us know the details and the number of people concerned. ex.) Shellfish allergy : 2 people
Customers with a request of your birthday, anniversary, etc. Please input the contents of your choice below.
After confirming contact you there are times when I am.hould be noted that, upon request of the Hall cake thank you so that you can contact us directly to that it may get time to create the store.
※ Input Example: available please bouquet because it is the day of wedding anniversary.
How about upgrading your final meal? We ask that everyone in your group have the same meal.

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