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Canceled Regulations: 100% on the day (excluding business cancellations due to stormy weather) Free until the day before

[Reception location] Main Building 30F Sky Grill Buffet GOCOCU

<b>Please make a reservation after confirming the notes below.

✅Please use the stairs to move to the observatory. Not available for those who have difficulty climbing stairs on their own.
✅Use is limited to elementary school students and above. (Elementary and junior high school students must be accompanied by a guardian)
✅Cannot be used in combination with various discounts and coupons.
✅May be canceled without notice due to weather conditions. Please enter a phone number that is easy to reach on the day.

[Precautions at Sorafune Kobe]
✅We will limit the carry-on of baggage etc. to the observatory. Please refrain from bringing umbrellas or parasols. Lockers are available, so please check in hats, mufflers, scarves, and other items that are easily blown away by the wind along with your baggage.
✅Please note that the hotel will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the wind blowing or dropping the items brought by the customer.
✅When viewing, please refrain from actions such as riding on shoulders or hugging.
✅For safety reasons, entry to areas other than the observatory is strictly prohibited. Also, please note that if you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be asked to leave the observatory.
✅Smoking, dangerous behavior, and bringing in dangerous items are strictly prohibited.
✅If the weather suddenly changes or in an emergency, please follow the instructions of the staff. In addition, if the staff judges it to be dangerous, we may refuse admission.


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