▶ Reservations can be made for dates up to 60 days from today.
▶︎ Please note that we are unable to accept seat selection at the time of booking.
▶︎ A smart elegance dress code is recommended. It is suggested that men avoid wearing anything too casual, such as T-shirts, short trousers, or sandals, and refrain from wearing hats during the meal. It is recommended that jackets or collared shirts be worn.
▶︎We kindly remind you that reservations for the semi-private room on the terrace are for a period of two hours and a fee of JPY 11,000 (including taxes) will be applied.
▶︎Please note that if a reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of the reserved time, a fee of JPY 2,750 per person will be charged. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the reserved time, a fee of JPY 5,500 per person will be charged.
▶︎Guests must be 20 years or older.
▶︎We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

For the time being, only web reservations are accepted.


Please make sure to inform us of any food allergies you may have and let us know in advance. If none, please state 'none'.
e.g. 1 person: egg allergy (acceptable if cooked).
e.g. 1 person: not fond of raw seafood (smoked salmon is acceptable).

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