Book at Tempura Asakusa SAKURA

We have only two menus, "SAKURA no Omakase" and "Vegetable Omakase", no other menus.
There are 10 seats at the counter, and we start at the same time as your reservation.

<How to use the restaurant>
(1) Gather at the elevator hall on the 7th floor of the restaurant building 10 minutes prior to your reservation.
2) Start the course at the reserved time.
(3) The course ends approximately 50 minutes after the start. Exit the store and change to the next customer.

For more information, please visit our website.

■ Notes on Reservations
●If you do not show up 10 minutes after your time, we may not be able to seat you and your reservation will be treated as a cancellation.

*A 50% cancellation fee will be charged 48 hours prior to the reserved time, and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged 24 hours prior to the reserved time. Please be sure to arrive at the restaurant with plenty of time to spare.


If you have any allergies, please write them down.
*Reservations are accepted for children aged 10 and over.

*Alcohol is served to those aged 20 and over. We may ask for identification.

*We serve gluten-free tempura, but the tempura sauce contains a very small amount of wheat flour. If you have a wheat allergy, please enjoy your tempura with salt instead of using the sauce.
【This service is available only for customers who make a course reservation by 20:00 the day before.】

Your name will be written in Kanji characters on the menu!
You can take the menu home as a souvenir. To request this service, please enter the following two items.

1. your name
2. the course you ordered

*Please enter the names of everyone who will be visiting the restaurant.

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