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◆It may vary slightly depending on the contents of the monthly menu.

◆Meals will start all at once. If you are unable to arrive on time for your reservation, please be sure to contact the store. If we are unable to contact you within 10 minutes of your reservation time, we may have to cancel your reservation.

◆Please visit us from high school students and above who can eat the course.

◆ Regarding cancellation of reservations, we have established the following cancellation policy. (100% within 24hours, 50% within 48hours, 30% 7 days before)

◆We may not be able to meet your reservation time request. In that case, we will call you from the store, so please understand in advance.

◆We will welcome you in Japanese when you come to the restaurant since we do not speak English or any other language. Please be kindly sure when you reserve.


If you have any ingredients that you do not like or have allergies, please fill in the details.
If none, please enter "none".
*Please fill in the details including those who are present.

Example: 1 person with shellfish allergy is sick. Cooked extract is OK.
Example: 1 person with an egg allergy, a binder is OK.
Example: 1 person with shellfish allergy, soup stock is OK.

◆Customers who is allergic or have unfavorable ingredients may be contacted by the restaurant to confirm. (Call from Teruya: 080-5638-7455)
Perfumes with strong scents, hair styling products, etc. may cause inconvenience to other guests. Please be considerate and refrain from doing so.
≪About "Credit card required to reserve”≫
Please pay the full amount for the course and drinks when you finish your meal at the store.
If you are using a debit card or prepaid card, or if you have any questions about entering card information, please kindly check the following link.
≪What does "You need to enter your credit card information. (Please pay at the store on the day of your visit)"≫≫

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