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 【 ダイニング予約 】  ・・・本日より1ヶ月先まで
 【 テラス付き個室貸切 】・・・本日より2ヶ月先まで
  【 アラカルトメニューをご予約のお客様はこちら 】 
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【 メッセージプレートをご要望のお客様へ 】
※記入例:「Happy Birthday●●●」「Happy ●th Anniversary」
【For those who wish to make a commitment to the front row seat / semi-single room seat at the window】
Please select your preferred seat.
(Designation fee lunch ¥ 540 / per person, dinner ¥ 1,080 / per person)

Front row by window is Limited 5 seats , Half single room seats Limited 3 seats .
We may not be able to comply with your request, so please understand in advance.
(We will contact you from our shop if your preferred seats are full.)

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