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Located on the 15th floor of the Nagoya JR Gate Tower, "THE GATEHOUSE"
is a large all-day dining restaurant that can be used all day from breakfast to dinner.
Supervised by Mr. Daisuke Kaneko, the owner chef of L'AS.
In addition to a restaurant with about 70 seats where you can eat the same menu
as "L'AS" in Aoyama, it is a large all-day dining room with a total of 220 seats,
including a lounge and terrace that can also be used as a cafe and bar.


[L'AS course fee revision]
From July 1, 2022, the L'AS course will be changed to 7,200 yen (tax and service charge included).
We have continued to make efforts not to raise the price through various initiatives,
but due to the further rise in raw material prices in recent years,
we have decided to raise the price in order to maintain the quality of the course.
Thank you for your understanding.

[Requests to customers]
In order to have a safe and secure time, please cooperate with the following when visiting our store.
・Please line up while maintaining social distance.
・Please disinfect with alcohol and measure temperature when entering the store.
・Please wear a mask except when eating.
*The sales system is subject to change in the future. In that case,
 we will update the information on official SNS etc.
 Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding.
[For customers with reservations]
▶If we are unable to contact you within 30 minutes of your reservation time,
 your reservation will be treated as a cancellation and we may guide you to other customers who are waiting.
▶During busy times, your stay may be limited to 90 minutes.
▶Please let us know the purpose of the meal (birthday, entertainment, etc.) and any food allergies.
▶Please note that we do not accept seat reservations.
▶All seats are non-smoking. Thank you for your cooperation.
▶If you cancel a course meal or party plan and change the number of people,
 we will charge a cancellation fee as follows.
 ・100% on the day

▶Notes about reservations
*Please note that we may not be able to accept reservations on the day.
*Reservations can be made up to two months in advance.
*Reservations are accepted two months or more in advance only for group customers
 (entirely reserved / area reserved).
 For details, please contact us at the store or by phone.
12 years and under
5 years and under



(例:トマトNG→生はNGだが、ソースなど火が通ったものはOK ネギNG→長ネギなのか玉ネギなのか、固まりやそのものの状態はNGだが、形は残ってなく出汁や料理のベースに使用しているものはOK などの詳細をご記入下さい。)


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