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Sorry to keep you waiting. From April 27th, we will resume using the barbecue plaza. Reservations for use from April 27th to May 31st will start from 10:00 on April 25th. * To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, eating and drinking should be done within 2 hours. Reservation ・ Reservations are required to use the BBQ Square.・ We accept orders from 10:00 on the 5th of the month before the scheduled usage date to 17:00 on the day before the scheduled usage date. Same-day reservations are not possible.・ The deadline will be reached as soon as the number reaches a fixed number on a first-come, first-served basis.・ The maximum number of people that can be used is 4 people per group, and reservations are limited to 1 site (section) per group.・ Please be sure to check how to use the new barbecue square . * The barbecue plaza may be closed depending on the infection situation in the future. In that case, please note that you may not be able to use the service even if you make a reservation.・ Reservations are for locations only. We do not rent equipment or sell ingredients or fuel, so please bring your own.・ It cannot be used at parties or events where the organizer recruits an unspecified number of participants and collects fees. On the day of use ・ Please be sure to register at the service center on the day of use.・ Reception hours are from 9:00 to 12:00.・ The usage time is from 10:00 to 15:00 (including cleaning up). Precautions ・ Wear a mask except during meals and refrain from talking loudly.・ Please wash your hands with soap or disinfect your fingers with antiseptic solution before meals.・ Please keep the distance between customers as much as possible on the site.・ Be sure to measure the temperature on the day of use, and refrain from using it if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or if you feel unwell.・ Please cooperate with the registration to the contact application (COCOA).・ The place where fire can be used is only in the BBQ square.・ The equipment that can be brought in is charcoal fire equipment and outdoor gas equipment. Only charcoal and gas (for outdoor use) can be used as fuel.・ Open flames and bonfires are not possible. You cannot make "Kamado" in the square or dig holes or grooves.・ Kamado in the cooking building cannot be used. (Only groups with permission to use the day camp can use it.) ・ Be sure to sprinkle water on the used ash, make sure that the fire is extinguished, and put it in the ash yard.・ Please take all the garbage home. Please do not throw it in the trash can in the park.・ Please take oil stains on tableware and utensils to your home and wash them. * Because the pipe is clogged with oil and fat ・ It is prohibited to use tents, tarps, parasols and similar tools.・ Pets are not allowed.・ Please manage valuables at your own risk. The park does not take any responsibility.・ If the park staff determines that the equipment used and how to use the fire are dangerous, the use will be stopped. "・ In addition, please follow the instructions of the park staff for safety management." ・ We will notify the police station of the jurisdiction of any significant nuisance or dangerous acts. ・ For other details, please check the terms of use. increase. Cancellation of reservation ・ You can cancel the reservation from the reservation website or by calling the service center. Others ・ For safety reasons, usage may be restricted without notice.・ Please observe the rules and regulations in the park.・ Please finish using the time stated in the reservation email as a guide. See also Frequently Asked Questions and Usage Information .
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