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▶About reservation
〇 The table will be available for 2 hours.
〇 We ask that you order one MIZUTAKI(chicken hotpot) per person. (12 years of age and above)
〇 The seating hours are 2 hours.

▶About the seat
◯ We may not be able to respond to your seats' request.

◯ Canceling on the day will be 100% of the meal fee you have booked, so please contact us by the previous day for cancellations and changes in the number of people.
〇 If you are delayed 15 minutes or more from the reservation time without contacting us, it will be automatically canceled.
〇 A reservation completion email will be sent to the email address you entered. Please cancel or change from the link in the email text.
12 years and under
5 years and under


If you are accompanied by a child please let us know your child age.
【Example】 3 years old 1 person, 10 years old 1 person ... etc.

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