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▶For reservations for 1~3 people / 21 people or more, please contact the store directly. ▶Children aged 0-3 are not included in the number of people. Please check the question from the shop without including it in the number of people selected. ※Notes※ · There is no parking lot on the premises. If you are coming by car, please use the nearby pay parking lot.・When making a reservation, be sure to one space and All-you-can-drink menu for the number of people Please select [Regarding all-you-can-drink] 1. Customers using BBQ must apply for all-you-can-drink for all groups (4 years old and over). * Free for children under 3 years old 2. Drinks will be served in two and a half hours, so please come to the drink corner with time to spare. 3. Even if you join late, the start time will be treated at the same time. Four. Extension of time is not allowed. Five. All-you-can-drink is self-service. Please bring an empty cup to the drink corner for a replacement. 6. After finishing, please throw away the leftovers in the designated place (sink). 7. Binge drinking is prohibited. 8.Due to equipment maintenance at the drink corner, there will be a period of time during which you will not be able to use it (approximately 1 hour).
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