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・Please call for a reservation of a party for more than nine people.
・A room charge of 60,000 yen per room will be charged for the use of private rooms.
・All seats are non-smoking. Please note that it may not always be possible for us to meet your seating requests.
・Please contact us if you will be late from your reservation time. In case you are more than 15 minutes late from your reservation time, your reservation may be cancelled.
・If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please let us know in advance.
・Please note that online limited plans can not be used in conjunction with other benefits / discounts.
【Cancellation Policy】
On the day 100% / 70% the day before / 50% two days before
・The menu items may change without prior notice depending on the supply and seasonal conditions.

Restaurant Reservation☏: 06-6484-5355
12 years and under
3 years and under


Children can only use casual seats and private rooms.
If you have children up to 12 years old, please enter the number and age.
If you would like prepare message plate with your dessert, please enter your message in the space provided below.
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If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please specify in the requested field.

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