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<Afternoon tea>
Weekdays: ① 12:00pm, 120 mins ②2:30pm, 120 mins
Weekends&Hilodays: ①11:30am, 100mins ②1:30pm, 100mins ③3:30pm, 100mins

8:00pm - 21:00pm

・You may not choose to sit at a table or at the counter. Please understand this in advance.
・For a group of 5 or more persons, please contact the Restaurant Reservations directly.

*Menu may be subject to change according to seasonality and availability without notice.
*Photos of dishes and seats are for illustrative purposes only.

▶Restaurant Resrvation:045-577-0870 (10:00 – 19:00)
12 years and under
5 years and under


If you have any food allergies or food restrictions, kindly fill in the details including parties you are accompanying with.
And please include the details.
<< Example: Crab allergy (soup stock is also NG) There is no problem with fish and shellfish other than crab, etc. >>
We are happy to arrange some message plate on desserts for occasional use.
Kindly fill out your desired message below in 20 letters or so.
ex) Happy Birthday (Name) / Happy Anniversary / Congratulations...etc

Please noted that message plates and whole cakes are available for only restaurant use. Other events and takeout are not applicable.

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