[About reservations (general)]
●We will begin accepting reservations for the following month's business day at 10pm on the 15th of each month.
●Same-day reservations are not accepted on this reservation site. Please contact the store directly by phone.
●For business days, please check the days marked W&H🔴 on HP business schedule .
●If you wish to use Picnic only and do not change to Café use in the event of bad weather, please select [Picnic]</b> Please make a reservation using the form on red>. (In case of bad weather, it will be <red>cancelled)
●If you are using both the cafe and the picnic, or if you would like to change from using the picnic to using the cafe in case of bad weather, please Please make a reservation using the red>[Cafe]</b></red> form. (However, picnics are not available at the [cafe] from 16:00 onwards.</red>)
●Reservations are not required if you are only purchasing coffee beans, etc. Please visit us directly.

[About reservations (cafe)]
●Use of the cafe is subject to an 80-minute rotation system. (Reservations made at 16:00 only will last for 60 minutes until closing at 17:00.)
●Café reservation slots are as follows.
●If you do not arrive within 30 minutes of your reservation time without contacting us, we will have no choice but to cancel your reservation. If you will be late for your reservation time, please be sure to contact us by phone.
●If you have children who require a seat, please include them in the number of people in your reservation.
●Basically, we do not accept seat reservations.

[About reservations (picnic)]
●The picnic menu is an outdoor-only rental menu (90 minutes). In the case of bad weather, rentals will not be possible and will be cancelled. In that case, You cannot change to using the cafe.
●Picnic reservation slots are as follows.
●Reserving a picnic means securing a basket, and coffee will be prepared in the order in which customers with reservations arrive, so you may be kept waiting even if you arrive at your reservation time. Thank you for your understanding.
●If you would like to use both the picnic and the cafe, or if you would like to change to the cafe in case of bad weather, please make a reservation using the [Cafe] form. (However, picnics cannot be used at the [Cafe] from 16:00.)
●Picnics are available for 90 minutes after handing over the basket. Please arrive at a convenient time within 30 minutes of your reservation time. Please note that if you wait more than 30 minutes, your usage time may be shortened.

[Reservation changes]
●If you wish to change your reservation details, please cancel your existing reservation and make a new reservation.

[About cancellation]
●If you wish to cancel by the day before, please complete the cancellation procedure yourself from the reservation site.
● If you wish to cancel on the same day, please be sure to contact us by phone, not by email. </b>(Cancellation fee: 100% on the day)

[Request when visiting]
●The store is located in a narrow alley in a quiet residential area. Please refrain from talking loudly in front of the store, and please refrain from entering nearby premises.
●There is no parking available. Bicycle parking space is also limited. Please use nearby parking lots, bicycle parking lots, or public transportation.
●The road in front of the store is quite narrow, so please refrain from driving through it.

For inquiries by phone: 075-201-7324


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