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▶Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for seat selection. ▶If you can't contact us after 30 minutes of the reservation time, we may have to cancel it, so please be sure to contact us if you are late. ▶Please contact the store directly for more than 9 people or when making a reservation for a charter. ⇒Wednesday dinners are reserved only. ▶Please contact us directly if you wish to bring a child under the age of 3 or bring a stroller. We do not have high chairs for children. Counter seats may be available even for those with children. If you would like to reserve a seat at a table, please make a reservation by phone. ▶We ask children who use the seats to order food and drinks. ▶Lunch time a la carte is available upon request. Please be forewarned. Inquiries by phone: 075-741-6657
12 years and under


アレルギーや苦手な食材がございましたら、ご記入ください。 (何名様分必要かもご記入ください。記入例:エビアレルギーが一人いますのでエビ抜き×1名。)豚肉・牛肉・鶏肉・魚醤は出汁に使用しています。炒め物、ドレッシング等にも出汁を使用する為、出汁の変更は、すべての味に関わるため出来ません。

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