▶Service charge For both lunch and dinner, an 8% service charge is added to the product price. (Food price + drink price) x 8% service charge Reservations can be made from 30 days before the reservation date until the evening of the day before. ▶Parking lot There are 2 parking spaces in front of the store, so please use them. Parking reservations are not accepted. Priority will be given to first-come, first-served basis. In addition, we do not offer alcoholic beverages to customers who drive a car after leaving the store. ▶Regarding clothing We do not have a dress code, but if it is determined that it is inappropriate (men wearing tank tops and beach sandals, unsanitary clothing, etc.), we may refuse entry. . Also, please refrain from wearing perfumes with strong scents. ▶Regarding children (minors) coming to the restaurant There is no age limit, but basically it is a condition that they can eat the same food as the accompanying adults. Please note that we do not have children's menus. Also, we do not offer any alcoholic beverages to minors. ▶Cancellation *50% of the food price for cancellations made the day before *100% of the food price for cancellations made on the day of the event Please note. ▶If we are unable to contact you within 30 minutes of your reservation time, we will inevitably treat your reservation as cancelled. Please be sure to contact us in case of time change or delay. ▶Please contact the store directly if you would like to make a reservation for more than 7 people or if you would like to rent out. Inquiries by email:



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