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Open Saturday, August 1, 2020! !! We have prepared a special plan to commemorate the opening. [Special plan for commemorating the opening] ▶ Theater ticket + meal plan for "I swear in the moon of Awaji" and lunch plan with blue theater (Japanese restaurant) Lunch with theater 7,500 yen (excluding tax) * Entry time OPEN~12:30 ・Umi no Ya (Western restaurant) Lunch plan with theater ¥7,500 (tax not included) *Opening hours OPEN~12:30 ・Umi no Ya (Western restaurant) Cafe with theater plan ¥6,000 (tax not included) *Entry time 15:00~ 17:00 ▶Aonoya/Umi no Ya Opening Meal Plan *Meals only [Aonoya (Japanese restaurant)] <<Lunch>> ~15:00 (LO14:00) ・Opening Memorial Course A (Tempura) 4,200 yen (・Open commemorative course B (tempura + sushi) ¥6,400 (excluding tax) ≪Dinner≫ 17:00~21:00 (LO20:00) ・Open commemorative course Sushi regular A 9,200 yen (excluding tax) ・Open commemorative course sushi Okimari A 12,000 yen (excluding tax) ・Open commemorative course Tempura Omakase A 9,200 yen (excluding tax) ・Open commemorative course Tempura entrusting B 12,000 yen (excluding tax) 【Seaside (Western restaurant)】 ≪Lunch≫ ~15:00 (LO14) :00) ・Open commemorative course (main selectable) 3,800 yen ~ (excluding tax) *Price changes depending on menu dishes ≪Cafe≫ 15:00~18:00 (LO17:00) ・Open commemorative set 2,800 yen (excluding tax)≪ Dinner ≫18:00~21:00(LO20:00) ・Open commemorative course (main selectable) 5,800 yen ~ (excluding tax) *Fee will change depending on the menu ≪Children's set≫All-day/Opening commemorative children's set*4-12 Age target 2,300 yen (tax excluded) *Please select "Meal start time". *The performance of "Swear on the Moon of Awaji" will start from 14:00 (opening 13:30). If you have any questions, please contact us by email using the form below. [Inquiry Form Link] ← Note 1: Due to the expansion of new coronavirus infection prevention, the number of seats is limited, and depending on the situation, please wait a little. There are cases. *2: Please be sure to check "About measures to prevent new coronavirus infection" on the TOP page before visiting.




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