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Announcements (1)
The early summer menu will start from June 11. We offer sardine, rock oysters, Junsai, corn, abalone, etc. The next menu change is scheduled for August 11.

Announcements (2)
Lunch and dinner are the same and 3 kinds of course dishes are available.

Menu COCON : 6 dishes of modern Italian course
You can enjoy it at a special rate of 9350 yen, 6050 yen only for lunch on weekdays.

Menu COCON upB : Upgrade your main dish to Wagyu beef dish in 6 dishes
You can enjoy it at a special rate of 11,000 yen, 8,800 yen only for weekday lunch.

The Grand Menu : 8 dishes including Wagyu beef, This is our signature courses
You can enjoy it at a special rate of 13200 yen, 11,000 yen only for weekday lunch.

Announcements (3)
Our Covid-19 control measures
1. We ask that you disinfect your hands and take your temperature when you visit.
2. Take care of staff and wear masks.
3. Spaced out the seats at the counter.
4. Mask dinner recommendation.

[Regular holiday] Wednesday, Thursday (open on holidays)
[Number of seats] 10 seats at the counter, 1 private room (6 seats)
[Parking lot] Nearby We offer free parking lots.
▶ Child use will be more than elementary school students from March 2020.
▶ If you are allergic to any ingredients, or if you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us at the time of booking.
▶ We can not respond to those who are allergic to flour, please understand beforehand.
▶ If you have more than 7 people, please contact us by phone.
▶ Even if the online reservation is full, you may be able to prepare a seat, so please contact the store by phone.
▶ If you are delayed more than 15 minutes from the reservation time without contacting us, we may cancel automatically.
Please contact the store for any changes or cancellations on the day. ☎: 0467-81-4435
12 años y bajo


We accept reservations for only 3 cars.
If you are not available, we will contact you by e-mail, please understand.
Customers with allergies to ingredients or dietary restrictions should fill in the details and number of people in the request field below.

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