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★ Please select your store from the categories below.
★ Online reservations are accepted 24 hours before the desired reservation time. Please contact the restaurant at 03-3980-1111 (hotel representative)
if you want to reserve a private room SALA that can be used for up to 12 people or for reservations other than the above time or for more than 12 people
★ Children You can also enter the store.
A la carte or children plates (4 to 6 years old) are available.
* Please contact us by phone 5 days before ordering bouquets, whole cakes, etc.
* Please note that seats may not be able to meet your request. Menu content may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
* Please let us know the food allergy and the purpose of the meal (birthday, entertainment, etc.).
* Cancellation fee will be charged 100% if there is no notification on the day
* If there is no notification if it is more than 30 minutes behind the reservation time, it will be canceled
12 años y bajo
5 años y bajo


Are you allergic?
If you answered yes to question 1, please provide details of the allergy.
・ Number of people
・ Specific allergic ingredients (Please fill in as much detail as possible)
・ Please describe the allergy level. (Example)
If one of the three people is included in crustacean allergy soup or sauce, we would like to change it etc. * It may take some time if it is an offer on the day

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