Réserver à le sputnik

From Le Sputnik

Regarding Reservations

Le Sputnik takes reservations as early as two months prior to requested dining dates.

We only offer the Chef’s ‘Omakase’ menu, but at the point of reservation we ask all customers for allergy information and whether any ingredients should be avoided.

We only accept reservations from parties of people aged 12 and up, unless the entire restaurant is reserved.

We advise all customers to avoid overly casual attire.

We will reconfirm all reservations by phone or E-mail.

Please understand that we are not able to accommodate diners with severe allergies to such ingredients as seafood and dairy products.

Regarding Cancellations

When a reservation is cancelled on the day of the reserved date, a cancellation fee will occur. A cancellation fee may also be given to parties smaller than the number specified when making the reservation.

Please check the box if you have read, understand, and agree with the information given above.
Veuillez sélectionner l'heure dans le fuseau horaire du magasin.


Please check if you have any allergies or ingredients you would like to
avoid. We will do our best to adjust our menu accordingly.
Please specify the number of people with allergies, and any ingredients
to be avoided. Please also specify the names of the allergies and
ingredients with as much detail as possible.
For Example:
1. One person is allergic to raw crustaceans and would like to avoid
foie gras.
2. One person is allergic to nuts. Another is allergic to the following
fruits: strawberries, peaches, and pears.
We would like to prepare new dishes for our repeat customers.
If you have visited Le Sputnik before, please let us know the name of
the person who made the reservation. If possible, please also let us
know when or how long ago you dined.
Please also let us know if the above is true of any of the diners in your
If you would like us to prepare a dessert plate with a personal message,
please write your message in the request box below. For example:
Happy Birthday Jane!


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