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Thank you for visiting Mumyo's online reservation page. Reservations can be made up to 6 months from today. Course selection is mandatory. ✅ Non-contact payment "contactless payment" is available. After your meal, just call us and your bill will be completed. Click here for details. [Hours] Lunch 11:45 doors open / 12:00 group start Night seating 18:15 doors open / 18:30 group start Please arrive in plenty of time so as not to disturb other people. *In order for you to enjoy your time at the restaurant, we ask that you wait approximately 3 hours until the end of your meal. Please allow plenty of time when making a reservation. In particular, please note that we are unable to meet requests such as "I would like to make it in time for the last train to return to Tokyo." [Regular holiday] Monday, Tuesday (all day), Wednesday (lunch) [Notes] *We do not prepare meals for children. (Children are limited to junior high school students and above, or children who can sit until the end of the meal as adults.) *Bringing in drinks will be charged separately. We charge 5,000 yen per bottle. *We only accept payment by credit card or transportation electronic money. Cash payments are not accepted. [Dress code] Please refrain from wearing light clothing such as tank tops, shorts, and sandals.


If you have any food allergies, please fill in the content and the number of people. *If you have a wide range of allergies or ingredients that you are not good at, we may refuse your reservation. Please note.


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