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Notification of Resumption of Park Business Universal Studios Japan has closed the park business from Saturday, February 29, 2020 to prevent the spread of domestic infection by the new coronavirus. In response to the cancellation of the request for suspension to the facility, the park's general business was resumed from June 19, 2020 (Friday). In resuming, in addition to complying with the "Guideline for the spread of new coronavirus infection at amusement parks and theme parks" issued by the government, the highest priority is to ensure the health and safety of guests and crew, and Under the current situation and guidance from health administrations and medical professionals, we will implement thorough hygiene enhancement measures, and operate with gradual capacity control. In addition, we introduced the "Osaka Corona Tracking System" constructed by Osaka Prefecture to prevent the spread of infection using the QR code, and ask guests to register their email addresses when entering the park and using the restaurant. I will. Restaurant priority information service Information about visiting Please check before applying. 👉 Parkside grill If you specify your visit time in advance, we will make a reservation for the restaurant priority guidance service that can preferentially guide you to your seat. The reception period is from 11:00 on the day of arrival to the day before (24 hours before use time) ※If there is no same day in the previous month, it will be accepted from the 1st day of the month of use ●Reception will be closed as soon as there are no more slots ●We cannot accept seat selection. Please note that we do not accept advance reservations for menus. Optional Information-Anniversary Cake- The "Parkside Grill" and "Finegan's Bar & Grill" offer special anniversary cakes for special occasion celebrations. (*Limited quantity, advance reception only, sold separately) Please order with us when making a reservation for priority information. *Cuts on the table are not allowed. After such as your photography Hall cake, strawberry short cake, which offers cut cake (12cm / 3 ~ 4 servings) ¥ 2,100 (tax included) ●Cakes can be ordered up to 3 days prior to the desired date of use (72 hours prior to use) ●The number of items sold per day is limited If you cannot select the number of cakes, the acceptance has already ended because the sales limit has already been reached. ●We cannot take home the anniversary cake. ●We do not accept the production of surprises. ●We cannot accept bouquets, gifts, etc. Requests may not be available for all ●Please select the number of people including children and infants Seats may be separated for groups of 5 or more


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