Pesan di Unagi Uomasa

◆ If you only order take-out, please order from take-away (store pick-up).
◆ Please note that we cannot respond to your questions. (If you have any questions, please contact us by phone before booking.)
◆ Please enter the store punctually with all members together.
◆ If you are late for more than 30 minutes from the reservation time, the reservation will be canceled and a cancellation fee may be charged.
◆ For children including children, please order food for 7 years old or older (the same food as accompanying adult). Please refrain from visiting children with children under 7 years old.
◆ Price is a guide. Please note that prices may change from the price at the time of reservation, such as when the purchase price of eels soars.
◆ Every eel has a common shape that may change depending on the stock status, such as two people using three fishes or one person using two fishes. Please note that if you do not have the eel you want, we will leave it close to it.
◆ If you are entering a wheelchair, please contact us by phone before making a reservation.
Up to 26 people You can make a reservation. (Please contact us by phone for further reservations)
◆ Please check the official website ( for other precautions.

【Cancellation Policy】
【Up to 4 people】3days prior : 50% / 2days or less : 100%
【Up to 7 people】5days prior : 50% / 4days or less : 100%
【Up to 11 people】6days prior : 50% / 5days or less : 100%
【Up to 15 people】15days prior : 50% / 10days or less : 100%
【Up to 19 people】20days prior : 50% / 15days or less : 100%
【Up to 26 people】25days prior : 50% / 20days or less : 100%
(charged on the credit card you will be required to register hereafter.)
・The same policy applies to the conditions below.
 ・Reduction of number of people.
 ・Over 30 minutes late


Please fill in if there is an additional single item menu.

Detail Tamu

Kata sandi terlalu pendek (minimum 6 karakter)
Kata sandi terlalu lemah
Kata sandi tidak sesuai dengan Kata sandi
Reservasi Anda tidak lengkap sampai dikonfirmasi di halaman berikutnya.