Prenota a Jinnanken BBQ

【Business hours】 Weekdays 17:00 - 23:00 (Sundays and holidays) 
       Weekends and holidays: 13:00 - 23:00 (Sundays and holidays - 22:00) 
       (Last admission 2 hours before)
Smoking is allowed in all seats.
We are unable to accept seat assignments.
There is no roof or parasol to prevent accidents.
Please refrain from bringing food and drinks.

In case of rain...
Please note that the rooftop floor has no roof, so it will be cancelled in case of rain.
 In the unlikely event of cancellation, we will contact you by SMS or phone at least 2 hours before your visit.
Cancellation is possible up to the day before. There is no cancellation fee in case of rain.
The plan will change only when there is a vacant seat in the restaurant on the day of the event, but it is possible to show you around the restaurant.

Reservations and changes to reservations...
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, as it is very difficult to connect with us during the busy season. 
 Customers who applied via the web can also change their reservations via the web.
We accept reservations from one month prior to the day of use until three hours prior to the day of visit.
  After that, please contact us by phone.  
Please call us if you want to make a reservation for more than 21 people.
Seating will be available for 2 hours from the time of your reservation.
  We can't postpone your visit if you are late. . 
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