Prenota a Cinnamoroll Cafe Osaka Namba Ebisubashi

▶This form is for advance reservation of "Special Room" on the 3rd floor.
※There will be a ¥1,000 per person seat charge.(Limited novelty included)
※We will give you a novelty when you visit our store.(Distributed at random from 2 types.)
※The 3rd floor is available only for guests with reservations.
 ※Reservations for 1F and 2F are not accepted. Please come to the store directly.
 ( Numbered tickets will be distributed during busy times.)
▶Please make reservations based on the number of people actually coming to the cafe.
※Young children are not included in the number of guests only if they can sit on the lap of a parent .
(Limited novelty not included)
▶Please note that we do not accept seat assignments.
▶Seating is limited to 100 minutes on each session.(Last order 30 minutes before the end of each session.)
▶We are a one-order system.
 Please order at least one dish or drink per person.Young children who can't eat by yourself are not included.


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