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◆ Notes on input method ・ "Adult" Lunch only (number of customers under 65 years old). Customers over 65 years old have a senior fee (lunch only), so enter the number of people in "senior". For children, please enter "0-2 years old", "3-6 years old" and "7-12 years old" separately. Children's chairs are available for children aged 0-6 years, so please enter your age in the "Questions to Customers" field.・ Please select the menu contents for each customer over 3 years old. For senior customers (lunch only), please enter the number of people to include in the adult menu category. You can use it at 20% off the listed fee. (It cannot be used in combination with other discounts.)
◆ Please note that we may not be able to meet your request regarding seat selection.
◆ If you are more than 30 minutes late after your reservation time, we may cancel your reservation automatically.
◆ If you make an inquiry in the request column, the reply may be delayed, so please check by phone.
◆ For reservations for 10 people or more, please contact us by phone at 0980-51-1011.
65 anni e oltre
12 anni e meno
6 anni e meno


If you are accompanied by a child, please enter the age of the child.
Are you using lunch tickets, dinner tickets, or travel support coupons?
Are you planning to stay at the Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa? Also, do you have the same name as the reservation name?

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