Prenota a メゾン ド ファヴール/ SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima

《Reservation》 Please make a reservation by 17:00 two days before the desired date of receipt. *The displayed amount is the price including consumption tax. *Candles and take-out paper bags will be charged from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday). [Delivery location] Hotel 1st floor "Maison de Faboure" [Receipt time] 10: 00-18: 00 *From December 17th (Sat) to December 25th (Sun), if you would like an anniversary cake, please call us. ■ All displayed prices include tax ■ Please eat within the same day ■ The image is an image ★★ Christmas cake information ★★ Christmas cake period: December 23rd (Friday) to December 25th (Sunday) Delivery place: Specially set up Venue (Amethyst) 2F


If you have any food allergies, please let us know. Example) Grapefruit allergy
※屋久島三千年の森ロールケーキの受け取りは「ホテル1階 メゾン ド ファブール」のみとさせて頂きます

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