Azukitokouri 온라인 예약

- Reservations may be booked from 9:00 pm, 7 days in advance at the earliest.
- We reserve the right to refuse entry to late arrivals
- We reserve the right to refuse future entry for reservation no-shows 
- While we strive to retain our schedule, reservation seating delays may occur.
- There is a minimum order of 1 food menu item (such as shaved ice or French toast) per seated guest, including children occupying their own seat. 
- Due to limited seating, there is a 40 minute dining limit in place.  
- Standard seating is bar stool chairs. For guests with strollers, wheelchairs or limited mobility, please inform us in the remarks when making a reservation so that we may better accommodate you

Walk-in guests
We only accommodate walk-in guests dependent on unreserved seating availability. To avoid disappointment, we recommend making a reservation.

Our menu changes daily. Please check our Instagram
We may not be able to provide all the items on the menu due to the limited quantities.

Cashless Payment 
✅We have a cashless payment policy to improve our service to you by payment time and limiting direct contact.
We accept most major credit cards, Suica/PASMO, iD, QUICPay, dPay, au PAY or PayPay. Please inform our staff to complete payment using the credit card given in your reservation, or if you would like to use alternative payment methods above.
Your understanding of our cashless payment policy will be highly appreciated.


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