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Please note that we may be unable to accommodate your requests for specific seating due to booking.
If your planning celebrates any special occasion such as birthday, team out dinner, the business meeting we may able to offer our meeting room which we offer as a private dining destination.
At the same time If you have any food allergies, please do not hesitate to notify us at the time of booking. Menus are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact the restaurant for further details. Images may not necessarily reflect actual products for sale.
All prices shown are subject to consumption 7% tax and 10% service charge.
If you would like to request any menus except plans stated below, please reserve ‘seat booking only’
and state the name of the menu in the ‘request’ column. If you encounter any issues such as reservations are not available at your requested time and / or number of persons, please contact us at +855 (0) 63 760 280 / + 855(0) 86 214 666.


Please do let us know of any allergies you may have.
Tell us how you came to know about us!

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