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◆Please let us know your meal purpose (birthday, entertainment, etc.) and food allergies.
◆ Seats are only available in the store. If you would like a terrace, please call us.
◆If you are delayed more than 30 minutes from the time of your reservation, we may cancel it automatically.
◆Please note that you will be charged 100% for the cancellation of the course meal on the day.
◆For reservations of more than 11 people, please call. Guideline for new type coronavirus spread prevention MLB cafe FUKUOKA: 092-687-0428
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If you have any foods or allergies that you are not good at, please fill in here.
If you have a request for a message plate for anniversaries etc., please enter it. Ex) Happy Birthday 〇 〇. Happy Wedding 〇 〇 & 〇 〇. 1st Anniversary 〇 〇 & 〇 〇.

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