AOMI - Halekulani Okinawa 온라인 예약

AOMI will be closed on Wednesdays, 15th and 29th of September.
June 7th-September 30th Due to the state of emergency, the restaurant and bar business hours will be changed by 20:00. Please note that we will not serve alcoholic beverages under the states of emergency (excluding In-Room Dining). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Our restaurants and bar open exclusively for our overnight guests when requested by Okinawa Prefecture and, or the Japanese government to prevent the spread of various types of infections including COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

In order to protect the safety and security of our guests, we may ask you to cancel or change your reservation. We highly appreciate your corporation and understanding.
To avoid three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded Places, Close-contact settings), Please note that the number of people seated at one table is 4 or less (excluding children under 6 years old). If there are more than 5 people in a group, we may guide you to another table or use an acrylic board.
▶Please contact us over the phone for a reservation for a party of 10 people or more.
▶Resort casual attire is preferred.
▶Guests under 12 years of age are welcome and are able to enjoy their dinner until 20:00.
▶We recommend the sushi counter reservation for the chef's recommendation at 18:00 and 20:30.
▶Please contact us by phone, for a reservation with children.
▶Smoking, including the use of electronic smoking devices is prohibited at our restaurants and bar.
▶Please inform us regarding any food allergies and dietary restrictions.
▶All images shown are for illustration purpose. Menu lineup and prices are subject to change without a prior notice.
▶For cancellation or any change in your reservation, please contact us at 098-953-9530.
▶Your reservation may be automatically canceled, if your party has not arrived within 15 minutes after your reservation time. Please provide prior notice if you are running late or if there is any change regarding the days reservation.


Please inform us regarding any food allergies and dietary restrictions.
Please inform us if you have any special request and would like to arrange something special.

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