Ristorante ASO 온라인 예약

・ Online reservation is available up to two months ahead of the same date. For reservations more than two months ahead, please call the restaurant.
・ Reservations are accepted by one day prior to the reservation date or two days prior to the restaurant’s regular holidays. Reservations after that, please call the restaurant.
・ For reservations more than 10 people or for special requests, please call the restaurant.

<Year-End and New Years Schedule>
We will be open during the year-end and New Year holidays, except for New Year’s day and Jan 2. Thank you very much for your patronage. 

12/31(Tue), 1/1(Wed)  Closed
1/4 (Sat)~ Open as usual.
* Regards 1/4 (Sat) and 1/5 (Sun), menus will be limited. Lunch 8,000 only, Dinner 10,000, 20,000 only.
12세 이하
5세 이하


If you have any allergy in food or food you do not eat, please kindly inform us.

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