Roppongi Ukai-tei 온라인 예약

*We only accept online reservation for a specific time slot. If you'd like to book a table for the other time slot, please call us at +81-3-3479-5252.
*We only accept a reservation through this online booking service outside our business hours.
*You can book a table 2 months prior to the reservation date. But If you have more than 7 people in your party, please contact us by phone.
*Please choose one out of 3 courses, Lunch course and 2 types of Omakase course for lunch time, and one out of 2 types of Omakase course for dinner time. If you have any allergy of food restriction, please let us know the details to fill in the following questions.
*There is no a la carte (single dish) menu which is usually available for our other blanches. Please note in advance that each person have to order one of each course menu.
*Since there are many business dinner meetings on the weekdays dinner time, we only accept the reservation of a party without children under the age of 12 years old.


Do you have any food allergy or food restriction? Please let us know the details and the number of people concerned. ex.) Shellfish allergy : 2 people
If you have any request for celebration or anniversary, please let us know the details and special instruction. If you'd like to order whole cake, please call us by phone.
ex.) Birthday of my wife with a message plate "Happy birthday"
If you won't be here on the day, please let us know the name of representative in your party and special instructions. ex.) Taro Ginza, President, Guests:3 people.

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